In compliance with the Code of Conduct, all Employees are required to annually complete this Code of Conduct Declaration. Employees are also required by law to declare any conflict of interest.

    You are advised to carefully read this Declaration before signing.

    You are further advised to contact Yetunde Ayeni on or Blessing Ezemelue on if you require clarification on any aspect of this Declaration.

    I hereby confirm that I have received, read, understood and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct (‘’Code’) of Heirs Life Assurance Limited.
    I undertake to comply with the Code including any additions, amendments or replacement which may be made from time to time throughout the period of engagement with Heirs Life Assurance Limited.

    I understand that I am responsible for the implementation of and compliance with the Code in carrying out my duties as an employee.

    I understand that any violation or breach of the Code can result in consequential action including but not limited to the termination of my contract of employment.

    Confidentiality & Privacy

    I understand that all information I receive in the course of my engagement as a member of staff is confidential and such information shall not be disclosed save to carry out my duties and responsibilities.
    I understand that I must take care to protect private information of fellow employees, directors and third parties that come within my possession in the course of my engagement as a member of staff from inappropriate or unauthorised use or disclosure.

    Conflict of Interest:

    I understand that I am to declare any conflict of interest I may have in this form or at any point in time when such conflict arises during the course of the year.

    Please describe below any relationships, transactions, positions you hold (volunteer or otherwise), or circumstances you believe could contribute to a conflict of interest between carrying out your duties with Heirs Life Assurance Limited and your personal interests, financial or otherwise:

    Choose One

    1. Other Interests/Directorships:

    Please provide details of interests or other directorships you currently hold in any of the following companies;

    i. Reinsurance Company

    ii. Insurance Company

    iii. Takaful Insurance Company

    iv. Microinsurance Company

    v. Insurance Broking Firm

    vi. Loss Adjusting Company

    vii. Actuarial Firm

    viii. Accounting / Taxation Firm/ Audit Firm

    ix. Legal & Secretarial Firm (collectively, the “Listed Entities”)

    2. Shareholding:

    Please confirm the number of shares held in any of the Listed Entities in section 1 above:

    2.1 Direct Shareholding

    2.1 Indirect Shareholding